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Lip fillers in Swindon

If you are familiar with dermal fillers, you’ll know that one of the most popular treatments, using these substances is to augment, plump and re-shape the lips.

Lip fillers are highly effective if you are noticing a thinning of your lips as you get older, if you have some asymmetry which you would like to correct, or if you have never really liked the shape and size of your lips and would simply like to enhance them.

At Mirabel Clinic in Swindon, we offer a range of dermal filler treatments using the Belotero range

Am I suitable for lip fillers in Swindon at Mirabel Clinic?

Before any treatment can be performed, here at Mirabel Clinic, we ask that you attend a no obligation consultation and facial analysis.

This gives your Mirabel practitioner the opportunity to speak with you about your facial concerns, in this case, the shape and size of your lips and what you would like to change about them. We will also ask that you tell us a little about your medical history, so we can ensure that a lip filler treatment would be both safe and suitable for you to undergo.

We will describe to you, the procedure itself, any possible downtime afterwards and the potential temporary side-effects that dermal fillers can induce. Once both you and your Mirabel practitioner are happy that a dermal filler treatment for the lips will be effective for your needs, you can go ahead and book your appointment for the treatment.

What happens during a lip filler treatment?

After you have signed some standard consent forms, your Mirabel practitioner will ask that you relax on a treatment couch. They will already be aware of the type of treatment you are seeking, having discussed with you, the result you are seeking to achieve with this treatment.

Your lips will be numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream, which can take around 30 minutes to work. Once your lips are numb, your practitioner will use either a needle or a cannula (a blunt-ended needle which is used more commonly nowadays) to inject specific quantities of a specially chosen filler.

They may use one or several techniques and may inject into the vermillion boarder (the line around the lip edge), the body of the lips or indeed, both, to achieve the look you are hoping for. The treatment should not be painful as the Juvéderm® and Belotero dermal fillers that we use, here at Mirabel Clinic, contain Lidocaine (an injectable anaesthetic). This, teamed with the use of a topical numbing cream and the expertise of your Mirabel practitioner, should mean that the treatment is virtually painless.

What happens after my lip filler treatment?

After your treatment, you will be able to return to your daily activities, but there will be some aftercare involved, such as avoiding vigorous exercise for 48 hours after your treatment, avoiding hot saunas, baths and steam for up to a week after your treatment, avoiding touching or rubbing the treatment area for at least 24 hours and maintaining a good skincare regime, ensuring the area is kept clean.

Is there any downtime with a lip filler treatment?

Depending on how easily you bruise, you might experience some slight bruising after your lip filler treatment, along with mild swelling, tenderness in the treatment area and in some instances, mild sharp or tingling sensations, as the anaesthetic wears off. These are all normal responses and can be helped using arnica, Paracetamol or ice, before and after your treatment. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol the night before and the day of your dermal filler treatment can help to minimise bleeding or bruising. It’s also wise to avoid the use of blood clot minimising pain killers, such as Ibuprofen.

What can go wrong in a lip filler treatment?

Dermal fillers are considered extremely safe, when administered by a fully-qualified medical professional, such as our practitioners, here at Mirabel Clinic. However, there are instances, even in the best of hands, where things might not go to plan. This is why it’s so important to only use a medic for your dermal filler treatments, so they can use their vast medical knowledge and know-how, to deal with any unforeseen circumstances. These can include:-

  • Infection (therefore it’s vital to keep the treatment area clean prior and post treatment – infection usually requires antibiotics)
  • Vascular occlusion ( Injecting into an artery – this complication would need swift attention from a medic and the use of hyaluronidase to dissolve the filler – hence why it’s so important to use a medical professional for your dermal filler treatment)
  • Allergic reaction to the dermal filler (a rare occurrence, however, a prior consultation and medical history check is undertaken before any filler treatment can be performed, here at Mirabel Clinic).
  • Severe bruising (it’s important to understand that with any injectable treatment, bruising can occur and if you are particularly susceptible to bruising, you may need to wait around a week for the bruising to subside).
  • An uneven result (this tends to occur when the practitioner is not experienced or not from a medical background – thus a deep understanding of the facial anatomy and the location and quantity of filler to be used, is not comprehensive enough)

When will I see the results of my lip filler treatment?

Results will be seen immediately, however, it’s important to consider that there may be some swelling immediately after the treatment, and it takes around 2 weeks for the dermal filler product to fully integrate with the dermal tissues and to ‘soften’, therefore optimum results will be seen at around a fortnight, after your lip filler treatment.

Are dermal lip fillers safe?

There are over 150 brands of dermal fillers in the UK alone and it’s vital, when considering a dermal filler treatment, for any area of your face, that you choose a product which is FDA approved and considered pure, highly safe and has been trusted by medical aesthetic professionals for many years. At Mirabel we only use these types of products and they include the Juvéderm® and Belotero ranges of dermal fillers. This guarantees a high level of patient safety at all times.

How long do the results last from a dermal filler lip treatment?

This all depends on your individual response and metabolism of the product injected, your lifestyle choices and the type of treatment you have undergone. If you spend a lot of time in the sun, exercise vigorously on a regular basis, smoke or undergo certain other aesthetic treatments (such as laser therapy) you might notice that your lip filler treatment may not last as long as someone who does not undertake these lifestyle activities. Dermal lip fillers which are thicker and more viscous, will last longer in the body than the more fluid, light or liquid fillers. We are all unique in how we metabolise dermal fillers, so if you know that you do metabolise the product quickly, discuss this with your Mirabel practitioner, and they will be able to select the right product for your needs.

Why should I choose Mirabel Clinic for my dermal filler lip treatment?

Our fully trained and qualified staff are always happy to see you for a complimentary initial consultation. Please call us in clinic to book your appointment on 01793 321180.

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