Laser Hair Removal

Soprano™ 'Pain-Free' hair removal

The state-of-the-art Soprano™ laser hair removal is widely regarded as the best laser for painless hair reduction currently available. Soprano™ combines the gold standard features of 810nm diode HR with an exclusive SHR ‘in motion’ approach which delivers safe, fast and effective results.

The patented IN-Motion™ technology of Soprano™ allows sensitive areas to be treated without the discomfort of other systems. By using a sweeping, paintbrush technique, the Soprano™ procedure is shorter, more comfortable and gives great results.

This system provides permanent hair reduction as it kills the root of the hair. As hair grows in cycles it’s important to have a course of treatments so that the optimum effect can be gained by treating hairs in the different stages of their growth cycles. Appointments are best planned 4 to 8 weeks apart.

In order for the treatment to be effective the hair has to have pigment, especially at the root, therefore blonde or grey hair isn’t suitable for laser hair removal. Laser hair removal shouldn’t be confused with IPL hair removal which is a different and more painful process.

Soprano™ laser hair removal is chosen by both men and women and for varying areas of the body. Our Prices tab gives you an idea of what areas are commonly requested.

A patch test is performed prior to the start of treatment as a precautionary measure. During treatment goggles are worn to protect the eyes. A layer of gel is put on the skin to help the laser head glide easily. The applicator is then placed in contact with the skin and the laser light is passed as the head is moved across the skin.

Following treatment there may be some redness and swelling and occasionally blistering. As with all laser treatments there is a small risk of burning or pigmentation changes.

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