Minor Surgery

Your local, convenient minor surgery clinic for the removal of various bothersome or unsightly skin lesions for the over 18s.

The majority of lesions we remove are harmless and are generally no longer removed on the NHS. However, we would encourage all patients to check with their GP prior to paying for a service as certain lesions, including those that may be cancerous, are sometimes still covered by the NHS.

The lesions that can be removed as part of our service include:

> Cysts
> Lipomas
> Moles
> Seborrheic keratosis
> Skin tags
> Warts

The clinics are led by Dr Abi Smail MBBS BMedSci MRCGP DRCOG DFSRH. Dr Smail works as a GP and has extensive experience of performing minor surgery in General Practice over many years.

Treatment Methods

Shave or Curettage and Cautery

This process is normally used to remove lesions from the skin’s surface. Using local anaesthetic and adrenaline to numb the area, the lesion is then shaved or curetted off using a derma blade, curette or scalpel. The wound is then cauterised and a sterile dressing applied. This is the preferred method for removing skin tags, Seborrhoeic Keratosis, intradermal naevi and viral warts.


An eye-shaped excision or straight incision is used to remove the skin lesion, cyst or lipoma. Local anaesthetic and adrenaline is administered to numb the area. The lesion or cyst is then removed and stitches are used to close the wound. Sterile dressing or tape is then applied to protect the skin during the healing process.


We have tried to simplify the pricing and to make it as transparent as possible, with all costs included so there are no hidden extras.

The total charge for the treatment is £500 for most skin lesions. Lipomas and more complicated cysts take longer and are therefore charged at £750. This includes the minor surgery procedure, home-use wound ointment and stitch removal (if used) and the lab fee of £175. Multiple lesions can be treated at the same appointment depending on the amount of time needed.

Please note that all skin lesions must be sent to the lab for histology. This is obligatory and included in the prices above.

Prior to any treatment all patients will have a consultation, typically with Dr Brooks. There is no charge for this appointment. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and the exact price for your treatment will be given. You can then book in for the procedure if you so wish. Occasionally it may be necessary to have a follow up consultation with Dr Smail after the surgery.


Please note that all minor surgery will leave some degree of scarring. This will vary from person to person and cannot be predicted. If you have any concerns about scarring it is very important that you discuss this with the Doctor before you have your minor operation.

Please call us in clinic to book your initial consultation 01793 321180.


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