Age Spot Treatment

Unsightly dark patches that can be improved

As we age our skin is subjected to damage from UV light from the sun. One of the effects of this is to produce melanin pigment in the skin which helps protect us from the damaging effects of UV light. However, over time disordered pigment is deposited in the form of freckles and brown spots.

There are different treatment options so you would need to book an initial free of charge consultation with Dr Brooks to check what is the right treatment for you which can only be ascertained in a face to face appointment.

Some of the treatment options to help improve the appearance of age spots are IPL, chemical peels or Vbeam treatment.

There is also the Déesse Mask, the original market leading LED phototherapy mask, uses near infrared light (830NM) and green light (520NM) to regulate the production of melanin and to lighten and reduce existing pigmentation. It is a simple, non-invasive treatment that has no downtime. Best results are achieved with a course of 6 treatments.

We also sell and prescribe ZO products, a clinic only brand, only available with a consultation. There is a ZO Brightening Program specifically designed to address pigmented skin.

Please note that age spots are not moles and we do not do mole removal in clinic as this is a surgical procedure. It is important to check with a doctor if a mole enlarges, changes colour, itches or bleeds to make sure it is not a skin cancer.

Peels before 2 Before
Peels after After

Results achieved after one Dermaceutic Cosmo Peel

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