If you have ever looked at a cosmetics counter and wondered what to buy and indeed whether what you are buying will actually result in any benefit at all, then you are in good company. There is much illusion, or frank deception, in the lucrative world of cosmetics and often the assertion that a product will improve your appearance is simply hype. The amount of hype about a certain product is directly linked to its marketing budget rather than the amount spent on proper research and development.

At Mirabel clinic, we only sell products which come with either good research-based evidence or ones we have tested ourselves.

We try very hard to price match other clinics so that you know you are not paying over the odds for any of the products we sell. However we do not compare our prices with ‘online market style’ websites, not least because neither we nor you can be assured that the products on sale are genuine.

All products can be ordered by calling the clinic except for ZO products which require a prior consultation. P&P is £7.


Heliocare 360 Oil Free


SPF50. An ultra-light mattifying gel that melts into the skin with a dry-touch, matte finish. Great for all skin types – particularly oily, combination or spot prone skin. 50ml.


Heliocare 360 Colour Oil Free


SPF50. Combines foundation coverage and protection in one, beautiful product. This light, easy to blend fluid provides natural-looking foundation coverage with a matte finish. 50ml.


Heliocare 360 Fluid Cream


SPF50. A light cream with an advanced hydration system that leaves skin soft and hydrated with a dewy finish. It’s perfect for dry or more mature skin and also a great option for the winter months when skin can be more parched. 50ml.


Heliocare Gel


SPF50. An elegant, light gel that absorbs into the skin with an invisible finish. 50ml.


Heliocare Sun Touch


SPF50. A light, hydrating gel that evens out the complexion and leaves skin with a healthy shimmer. 50ml.




A breakthrough, category-leading eyelash conditioner featuring a high impact, proprietary technology for dramatic-looking eyelashes. BioPeptin Complex® peptides and botanicals saturate the lashes with moisture, keeping them soft, luxurious and healthy-looking. 3.5ml.


ZO Brightalive


Non-retinol skin brightener formulated to even skin tone, reduce dark spots and restore hydration, while calming and soothing irritated skin. 50ml.


ZO 10% Vitamin C


Provides a potent dose of vitamin C that brightens and redefines skin, promoting a more even skin tone and minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 50ml.


ZO Complexion Renewal Pads


Moistened toner pads help minimise surface oil and exfoliate pore-clogging dead skin cells and dirt. 60 pads.


ZO Daily Power Defense


Powerful antioxidant serum designed to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles and promote overall skin health. 50ml.


ZO Exfoliating Cleanser


Gentle exfoliating cleanser for normal to oily skin that targets surface oil leaving the skin feeling clean, but not stripped and dry. 200ml.


ZO Gentle Cleanser


Gentle cleanser for all skin types designed to remove impurities and leave the skin feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated. 200ml.


ZO Growth Factor Serum


Power product. Lightweight gel for all skin types that strengthens skin, supports skin rejuvenation and protects against future signs of ageing. 30ml.


ZO Oil Control Pads


An invigorating acne treatment prevention solution designed to be used with a complementary acne treatment program. The oil control pads remove oil, normalise pore size, help smooth the skin’s surface and reduce irritation. 60 pads.


ZO Retinol Skin Brightener 0.25% Retinol


0.25% retinol brightens and evens skin tone. Antioxidants help protect and defend the skin against environmental stresses. 50ml.


ZO Retinol Skin Brightener 0.5% Retinol


0.5% retinol brightens and evens skin tone. Targets skin discolouration. Antioxidant protection and helps support natural skin rejuvenation. 50ml.


ZO Rozatrol


Treatment serum for red, sensitised skin that works to normalise skin by reducing excess surface oil. Exfoliating properties provide ultra-mild exfoliation to prevent the signs of premature ageing. 50ml.


ZO Complexion Clearing Mask


Natural, clay-based formula that treats and prevents acne. Formula purifies pores and absorbs excess oil that can lead to future breakouts, while hydrating the skin to combat dryness. 90g.


ZO Daily Skincare Program


The first line of defence against the natural ageing process. Help preserve and maintain glowing skin and a more youthful complexion. Improves and maintains the appearance of even skin tone and finer pores. Keeps dry skin hydrated.

Exfoliating Cleanser – 60 ml
Exfoliating Polish – 16.2g
Complexion Renewal Pads – 30 Pads
Daily Power Defense – 30 ml


ZO Anti-Ageing Program


A moderate treatment for the reduction of early or significant signs of environmental and chronological aging. Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and face wrinkles. Promotes a more even-looking skin tone and finer pore appearance. This skin care routine preserves and maintains a more youthful complexion.

Exfoliating Cleanser – 60 ml
Exfoliating Polish – 16.2g
Complexion Renewal Pads – 30 Pads
Daily Power Defense – 30 ml
Growth Factor Serum – 30 ml


ZO Complexion Clearing Program


A complete kit of highly effective products formulated to treat clogged pores, blackheads, papules and pustules (pimples), and cystic acne. Also, a preventative treatment for acne and breakouts. Slows sebum production. Exfoliates skin cells to help unclog. Tightens pores.

Exfoliating Cleanser – 200ml
Exfoliating Polish – 65g
Complexion Renewal Pads – 60 Pads
Sulfur Masque – 85g


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