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Diathermy, also known as the thermolysis method or advanced electrolysis, this works by using an Alternating Current (AC) of electricity. The electricity causes the water molecules in the skin around the needle to vibrate, which creates heat. If enough heat is produced, it can damage the cells that it is targeting. This treatment involves a wire or filament called a probe (and sometimes also referred to as a needle) being placed against or within the skin abnormality to cauterise and/or cosmetically reduce the vascular or abnormal growth.

Normally it is not necessary to have repeat Diathermy treatments once an abnormality has been treated, however if you are prone to a particular skin condition then new ‘lumps’ may appear in the future which themselves can be treated. When treating telangiectasia a course of treatment are often recommended so that they can be spaced out to prevent skin damage or hyper-pigmentation.

Some conditions can be quite resilient and more than one treatment may be necessary.

No recovery time as such is necessary. You can return to work and normal activities immediately after a treatment. Depending on the particular skin condition being treated and the size of it, you can expect some post treatment discomfort and there may be some crusting which can last up to a week.

When the treatments are performed correctly there is little or no chance of permanently marking the skin. With many of the procedures the appearance may look worse before it looks better so careful timing of the treatment should be considered, particularly if you have any special events in your calendar and the treated area is in a noticeable place, such as on your face.

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