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Dermal Filler in Swindon

Dermal fillers are a popular treatment for wrinkles and facial lines. Treatment by an injection of dermal filler helps to “fill out” and smooth away lines by injecting a synthetic gel into the skin. Working together with the body’s own collagen, dermal filler helps to create volume and smooth out wrinkles. Dermal fillers can also enhance one’s natural beauty by augmenting specific areas such as the lips, cheeks and chin. If lip fillers are of interest then visit our dedicated lip filler page here.

The choice and amount of dermal filler used depends on the site and depth of treatment and requires careful consideration by your practitioner during your consultation. At Mirabel we use the Juvéderm® and the Belotero range of fillers. The choice of filler allows the treatment to be tailored to your requirements producing a natural, more youthful look.

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Dermal filler treatments take 45-60 minutes and typically involve the use of a topical anaesthetic. The filler is injected through a number of small puncture sites into the specific areas to be treated. There may be some mild redness or bruising afterwards, but this typically resolves after a few days.

Tear Trough Treatment

As we age the delicate skin under the eye becomes lax and the cheek fat descends into the middle of the face leaving semi-circular creases and depressions known as tear troughs. These depressions make the eyes look sunken and produce the illusion of darkening around the eyes resulting in dark circles or tired eyes.

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Very soft dermal fillers can be used to replace the loss of volume and fill in the tear troughs. It is a very delicate area and the product used needs to be very fine so as not to show through the thinner skin in this area. At Mirabel we use the renowned Redensity II®.

Not everyone is suitable for treatment in this area so it is imperative to have a free of charge consultation before any treatment takes place. Dr Pippa will assess everyone individually and give her honest, professional opinion. While dermal filler treatment is beneficial for true tear troughs, the appearance of dark circles may also be the result of small blood vessels under the skin beneath our eyes. These blood vessels can cause the appearance of dark circles when they swell beyond their normal size (e.g. due to nasal congestion, smoking or fluid retention) or when the surface skin doesn’t conceal them well due to thinning skin. Genetics can also be a factor, particularly those with either very fair skin or darker skin types, who are just prone to dark circles. In these situations it is more advisable to conceal than to correct. Patients who suffer from puffy eyes are also not suitable for tear trough treatment as hyaluronic acid in this area tends to exacerbate the problem.

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