Skin Blemishes

Often small in size but big in worry

A whole range of skin blemishes can be treated easily and with great effect using diathermy, Vbeam or IPL the most common being:

Telangiectasia. These are permanently dilated capillaries, not ‘broken capillaries’ as so often thought.

Campbell de Morgans. Named after Campbell Grieg De Morgan (1811-1876) a British surgeon who was the first to note them in medical literature. These vascular blemishes are also known as Cherry Angioma or Blood Spots. They present themselves as slightly raised or dome shaped and are of unknown origin.

Spider naevi. A central dilated blood vessel, with smaller capillaries radiating from it like the legs of a spider can be individual isolated blemishes or can be multiple in areas such as the cheeks or chest area.

Skin tags. Small, smooth, brown or flesh-coloured growths attached to the skin by a stalk. Commonly found in the armpit, chest, neck or groin region.

Milia. Small white plugs which contain keratin deposits and often show as hard, solid lumps very superficially under the epidermis.

Actinic keratosis. Areas of sun-damaged skin found predominately on sun-exposed parts of the body.

Venous lake.  A common bluish soft macule or papule due to vascular dilatation. It is most often seen on the lower lip.

Some skin blemishes need surgical removal which can be treated in our monthly minor surgery clinic. Click here for more details.

If you are in any doubt remember that Dr Brooks is always happy to see you for a complimentary consultation where she can advise the appropriate treatment options and prices.



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