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Cleanse with Benefits

Introducing Perk the world’s first hybrid facial and the perfect complement to your HydraFacial treatment. Perk is the first treatment to merge a professionally delivered exfoliating treatment with a months’ worth of high quality take-home skincare product

If you enjoy the fantastic benefits of HydraFacial, we are sure you will love Perk too. Perk is designed to complement HydraFacial treatments in the delicate areas around the eyes and lips, where the need for a gentle but effective approach is required.

Just like HydraFacial, Perk uses patented technology to remove dead skin cells and impurities, whilst delivering a serum of vital antioxidants and nutrients to your skin. This provides you with instant results and is all delivered in under 10 minutes.

But the process doesn’t end there. Once you have had your Lip or Eye (or both) treatments, you receive the applicator to take home, allowing you to enhance your treatment for up to 30 days.

So whether you’re in the mood to boost lips or replenish the eye area, Perk is the perfect complementary treatment to your HydraFacial. Perk is quick, refreshing, non-irritating and very effective.

So why not ‘Perk Up’ your HydraFacial today?

The Perks


Perk also provides a full-face treatment that is perfect if time is of the essence or if you want to give yourself a quick boost in between your HydraFacial treatments. Delivered in around 10 minutes it provides a gentle facial treatment that softly exfoliates away dead skin cells while replenishing vital nutrients to instantly reveal gorgeous, radiant skin.

Nourishing solution deeply cleanses skin while the Antioxidant Renewal Serum re-nourishes with key antioxidants including Vitamins A & E, White Tea Extract, and Horse Chestnut Seed Extract.

And just like the Perk Lip and Eye treatments you take home half of the Antioxidant Renewal Serum to apply over the entire face, day and night, after you cleanse.


Lip revitalising serum uses key ingredients such as peppermint oil and peony extract to gently exfoliate, hydrate and lightly plump lips.

You take-home half of the lip revitalising serum to apply on your lips, day and night or whenever your lips need a hydration boost. Plus, protect your pout with hydrating lip balm SPF 30 that locks in moisture.


The eye replenishing serum awakens the delicate eye area with energising tea extract and brightens dark circles naturally with citric acid.

You take home half of the Eye Replenishing Serum to enhance and extend treatment benefits. Soothing Eye Masks are included to calm and soothe under eyes with hydrating cucumber and seaweed extract.

Customer reviews:

“I have the Perk Lip treatment as a complement to my monthly HydraFacials. I noticed the extra volume in my lips immediately, and the handy take-home product included in the price is just amazing! I use it every day!” F. Robinson

“The face treatment is a brilliant instant win for me. I love my regular HydraFacials but when I want to get that extra glow in between treatments Perk face is perfect, and in under 10 minutes, what more could I ask for?” Ms Brindley,

“I started to notice mild wrinkles and dullness around my eyes and visibly more prominent when I’m tired. The Perk treatment made them look much brighter, healthy and me less tired! It’s great to find a treatment that is quick and with immediate results, I can also carry on the effects as I get to take the product home.” M. Martin

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